Finally, Apple's Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, And Mouse No Longer Need Batteries 

Finally, Apple's Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse No Longer Need Batteries

Apple's wireless accessories for its iMac line got a much-needed update today alongside the new desktops themselves. Sure -- the new 21.5-inch iMac will be 4K and beautiful, but more importantly none of the peripherals will require AA batteries anymore.

That's right! When Apple redesigned the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, the company decided the people who use them should finally be free from battery hell and made them all rechargeable. Now users will just have to plug in via Lightning cable whenever the battery starts to get low, which the company claims will only happen about once a month.

Charging the accessories shouldn't take long either. Just two minutes of charge time should recover nine hours-worth of energy in case you need to go wireless again quickly.

Magic Keyboard

Finally, Apple's Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse No Longer Need Batteries

The beloved keyboard also got a few design tweaks, the most noticeable of which is the size of the keys themselves: they're larger now. Apple made this change without making the keyboard larger and without altering the placement of the keys, by simply taking out some of the space around the keys.

The keyboard is also made out of a single slab of metal now, thick in the back and thinner in the front to maintain the angled slant. The keys also, reportedly, still have that wonderfully satisfying click-clack sound when pressed. The cost is $165.

Magic Trackpad

Finally, Apple's Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse No Longer Need Batteries

The trackpad hasn't been a huge crowd pleaser in the past, but with the help of Force Touch -- and finally clicking like any normal touchpad would -- it could actually be worth your money. The wider, square-shaped trackpad also lives on a sloped metal slab, but the addition of Force Touch means it costs a lot more than the older version: $199.

Magic Mouse

Finally, Apple's Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse No Longer Need Batteries

Apple's mouse didn't see a whole lot of updates, but it's worth noting that the obnoxious plate on the bottom of the device is gone (because no batteries, remember?!) and that's a welcome change. The mouse is also a bit longer now, but still has the same general shape of the older one, so it's not exactly ergonomic. The cost has inched up to $129.

All of these accessories are available today (the older ones have actually been removed from Apple's store online) and will come standard with the new iMacs, which you can check out here.



    No Longer Need Batteries

    They now have built in Rechargeable battery's.

      This got me too. I was imagining they had made it powered by the force of your click or something. Alas no.

        Or maybe they could use a small rubber ball embedded in the underside that drove a small generator when the mouse is moved....
        Oh wait...

      I think we should all welcome Apple to the future of technology with their miracle rechargeable keyboard. Much like the Galaxy/iPhone battle with every generation this is only something that other companies have been doing for years...

    I don't think the author of this article knows how rechargeable devices work. No batteries hey....

    The issues I have with this are:
    1. Planned obsolescence - you can easily and (relatively)cheaply replace rechargeable AAs, not so much the in-built battery
    2. Can't use the mouse whilst charging. 2 mins = 9 hours, so about 3 hours to fully charge.
    3. The new trackpad and keyboard angle look weird. I'd imagine you could fit a hefty battery in their, but they appear not to be. I liked being able to store a pen under my apple keyboard, not sure this one will
    4. USD$99/AUD$165 for a non-backlit wireless keyboard? That's a huge markup for AUD

      1. I'm sure the battery will hold up for some time. Not sure it's a case of planned obsolescence, just a trade off they've made when changing to an internal battery, something a lot of devices use. Still, I used rechargables with the old devices so I don't see this as a huge advantage either.

      2. Could be a pain but if you can get a days battery in 2 minutes of charging it's not the biggest issue, assuming you can find the cable when you need it.

      4. I don't think the markup is that massive. $99 USD is $137 AUD, add 10% GST and you get $150 AUD. Markups about 10% which isn't tiny, but is probably accounting for a falling AUD. But I agree, that's a very expensive keyboard, the prior model could be frequently had for around $80 or possibly less. They should have added backlit keys.

        The $99 USD doesnt include their sales tax either, which is a ballpark 8% a lot of the time.

          Yeah exactly, although it'll vary state to state. There's a small amount of padding there still, but Apple only periodically updates pricing so I suspect these prices are accounting for further forecasted AUD drops against the USD for the next 6+ months.

          It does hurt every time I look at something in USD and realise just how far the AUD has and continues to slide.

          Last edited 14/10/15 12:56 pm

            Tell me about it. Was in the US a couple of years ago, and thankfully got my flights and accommodation booked and paid for when we were cruising at around $1.05, but by the time I went over it was down to around 96c and by the time I got back it was down to 91c.

            I was cursing at the time (probably cost me $1000 all up on the trip), but in hindsight I still got lucky. Was going to go back again this year but the exchange rate made it too expensive to consider. Maybe nek year.

            Seeing 69c now is sad, especially when 2 years ago we were the envy of the financial world, and still eyeing off 90c+. Without bringing politics into it, what went wrong?

    I use a Magic Mouse, and the Magic Mouse 2 is a disappointment. Firstly, where is TouchID?! Secondly, the charging port should have been in the front so you can continue to use it like a wired mouse whilst you charge it.

    As to the keyboard, well that would be of interest to me as a full-sized keyboard with number pad. Alas, I don't see any such variant on the Apple store.

    0 from 2, Apple.

      You can't put touch ID on a wireless device, Bluetooth is not encrypted and even if it was, it the whole point of touch ID is it is buried in the M7 (M8,M9) co-processor and is not able to be accessed by anyone, not even Apple. Unless you want a SOC in your mouse this will not happen.

      I too am disappointed mainly with the fact eh mouse ergonomics are amateurish. Its is uncomfortable and awkward to use. A $20 gaming mouse from RAZOR blows this way.

      The only feature is gestures which only make up for the terrible ergonomics, they aren't that useful.

        You can't put touch ID on a wireless device, Bluetooth is not encrypted and even if it was, it the whole point of touch ID is it is buried in the M7 (M8,M9) co-processor and is not able to be accessed by anyone, not even Apple. Unless you want a SOC in your mouse this will not happen.

        Well that sucks :( I have a hot corner set up to lock my Mac every time I'm away from my desk, which means I'm putting in my password many times a day. Was looking forward to TouchID being brought across to Mac OS X.

    "the obnoxious plate on the bottom of the device is gone...... and that’s a welcome change."
    WTF Giz? really "obnoxious plate"? On the underside of the mouse that you never see?

    Also how is the old 20 second job of replacing the AAs from the apple charger once every 2-3 months worse than once a month having to sit for 120 seconds with the mouse unusable sitting upside down with a cord plugged into the underside? Why is the plug on the underside?

    WTF Apple?

      I agree with this guy^, why the underside Apple?...

    What gets me about this is that you could easily design a wireless charger as a mousepad, which is going to usually be in the proximity of the keyboard, so either have it wirelessly charge, or have an umbilical lightning cord from that charger to the keyboard.

    Why have ANY downtime? Just let them detect when they arent in use, and top themselves up if they are under a certain percentage?

    And you then have a potential third party market for decorative wireless chargers.

    for us Aussies the prices are just out of this world, I can honestly buy so much better keyboards and mice for the price they are asking, top end PC GAMING mice and keyboards with backlit LED and microswitches , these prices just plain NUTS ! APPLE is getting so so so greedy, it needs to take step back and make these devices for a much cheaper price.. but it won't !

    The batteries need charging about once a month! I'll stick with my Logitech keyboard mouse combo, I'm getting at least a year's use out of the AAs in both the keyboard and mouse. And that is at work where they get used all day every day. I when I use them I use the num pad on the keyboard and multiple customisable buttons on the mouse

      I get about 2 days out of my mouse. Which I don't mind, as the Li-ion batteries are hot-swappable and I can recharge one while the other is in use.

        Two days is not much. What does the mouse do that uses that much power (plays music? heated grip?) or is the battery just really really tiny? My mouses batteries are getting low and the software still says I have about 72 days left in them

    Seriously, 165 dollars? That's insane for a keyboard that isn't mechanical.

    Sweet redesigned peripherals, but f*ck they're expensive!

    no batteries you say. interesting....

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