Dyson And LG Are Fighting Over Who Has The Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum

Dyson And LG Are Fighting Over Who Has The Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum

Dyson prides itself on having some of the best vacuums in the industry, and proudly says so in its advertising material. But that’s no longer the case: Dyson has been bested by LG and its CordZero cordless vacuum, and has pledged to remove advertising material from stores and online saying that the Dyson V6 Cordless is the “most powerful cordless vacuum” as part of an out-of-court settlement.

LG contested Dyson’s marketing claims that the V6 was the “most powerful”, and filed for an injunction against the material being displayed in stores and online on October 12.

After testing was conducted on the two models — the LG CordZero and the Dyson V6 — Dyson has agreed to an out-of-court settlement that will see it remove claims about its V6 product being the “most powerful cordless vacuum” from the marketing material.

Specifically, Dyson will have to:

• remove or mask/cover up claims about the V6 in stores that sell the LG CordZero by 12 November;
• write to retailers and ask them to remove said claims from digital marketing material by 16 November;
• stop distributing packaging with the claims about suction by 16 November,
• Remove claims from all retail stores in Australia by 7 December.

According to LG, research revealed that the CordZero canister has twice the suction of the Dyson V6. One could infer from the settlement that Dyson has conceded the LG CordZero is a vacuum with more powerful suction. We’ve asked for a copy of that research.

Gizmodo understands that Dyson isn’t giving up the high ground to LG, instead attempting to say the same thing in its marketing material while differentiating the V6 and CordZero as two products in completely different categories.

Indeed the statement issued by Dyson this afternoon shows that Dyson certainly points to the fact that the British manufacturer wants customers to know the CordZero is a different kind of product to the V6:

It’s good to point out the difference in design of these two vacuums, the LG CordZero is a full size vacuum containing a bulky, heavier motor. This makes it less versatile. The Dyson V6 has a small, but powerful Dyson digital motor capable of spinning 110,000 times a minute. This makes Dyson stick vacuums light in the hand, easy to use and capable of capturing dust across multiple surfaces. The most powerful cordless stick vacuum can clean up at the ceiling, down low at the floor and cleans mattresses and car seats with ease. It’s not limited by unnecessary weight.

Dyson is updating our advertising message to reflect the fact that the Dyson V6 is the most powerful cordless stick vacuum. We continue to invest on behalf of retailers and consumers who back Australia’s number one selling vacuum cleaner