Dell Reported To Announce $68 Billion ‘Biggest Deal In Tech’ Soon

Dell Reported To Announce $68 Billion ‘Biggest Deal In Tech’ Soon

According to several reports, the ‘largest-ever technology merger’ is set to be announced within a day — and it’s between Dell and storage technology firm EMC, in a deal said to be worth over $68 billion.

Both Bloomberg and Reuters report that Dell is expected to announce the takeover some time Monday. It’s said that the deal has been incredibly secretive, with few of the top executives at Dell — which is privately held — being consulted or even informed of the plans. Instead, talks have been carried out between between the CEOs Michael Dell and Joe Tucci at EMC, according to Re/code.

The specifics of the deal remain unclear, and Re/code suggests that “the secretive nature of the talks hints at the fact that numerous terms had not been finalised as of late Sunday night.” The site also suggests that the deal may include a clause allowing EMC to identify other, higher offers — though it’s unclear who would be willing to stump up more than $68 billion.

EMC specialises in digital storage, and also owns the cloud software firm VMware. Combined with Dell’s hardware, Bloomberg points out, the merger could “create one of the biggest providers of enterprise computing products.” Perhaps not the most exciting deal in tech, but potentially one that will have an awfully big impact.

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Image by Isriya Paireepairit under Creative Commons licence.