As Promised, Nike Finally Reveals BTTF II Air Mag Sneakers With Power Laces

As Promised, Nike Finally Reveals BTTF II Air Mag Sneakers With Power Laces

Back in 2011, the Nike Air Mag, the shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II, were released to a ravenous fan base. There was only one problem, unlike the shoes seen in the movie, Nike's Air Mags didn't have power laces. Nike promised they would come 2015, and today the company delivered.

As Promised, Nike Finally Reveals BTTF II Air Mag Sneakers With Power Laces

The new Nike Air Mags look almost exactly the same as the shoes Nike released back in 2011, but it's always what's on the inside that counts, and this time around there's now a hidden powered mechanism that automatically cinches the sneaker's laces tight once you've inserted your feet. There's apparently a manual option too, for when the batteries run down, but that doesn't seem very futuristic.

As Promised, Nike Finally Reveals BTTF II Air Mag Sneakers With Power Laces

Today, on 21 October 2015 in America, the date that Doc, Marty, and Jennifer travel to in Back to the Future II, Nike delivered the first pair of the new Air Mags to Michael J. Fox, who was kind enough to make the rest of the world impossibly jealous by posting footage of the new sneakers in action. If that doesn't give you feelings, you're probably a robot.

Like with the 2011 versions of the Air Mags, come 2016 the power lace versions will only be available in limited quantities through an auction with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

So if you thought the original versions were expensive, you're probably going to have decide between sending your kids to college, or bidding on a pair of the new Air Mags. If they have seen Back to the Future II, however, they will totally understand why they're not getting a higher education.




    Great story. This is a PR exercise at its best, Nike can only win with this approach.

    The reaction from Michael J Fox when he tried them on, Pure Awesomeness. They will be mega pricey but they're Nike mags with Actual Power Laces and the proceeds will be going to a great cause so its really a win win.

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    So wait...
    Doc Brown bought Marty a pair of shoes from a charity auction run by Michael J. Fox?

    Hey Nike how about you make these shitty shoes available to everyone, not just a small clique of overpaid idiots. Doing this would be a win-win. For a start you'd raise a shedload more money for the Michael J Fox foundation. Seondly more of us would have these shoes. This auction approach is a cynical attempt at keeping the Air Mag brand exclusive. Thank Goodness cheaper alternatives are available elsewhere

      Bitter much?

      How about they do whatever the heck they want and for a good cause instead of pandering to the public? How about maybe they did their research and figured the number of people that would buy it would be too low to put it into production properly and actually make any money?

    200K for shoes??? and I thought apple were on speed for charging 10K for a watch !

    Just make them available all the time. Not this limited quantity bullshit. Id buy a pair for a reasonable price.

      Maybe that's the problem, perhaps they did their research and found that for the quantity that would be purchased they wouldn't be able to make it at a reasonable price. Remember that it's Mass Production that really brings down prices, if their reasearch says they couldn't sell enough to make money why would they bother? here's my powerlacing shoes, not as nice as these though, maybe in version 2.

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