2 Computer Science Profs + 1 Room + 30 Minutes Of Conversation = Geek Gold

Professor Brian Kernighan is a computing heavyweight: he worked at Bell Labs, helped develop Unix and was one of two authors of the C programming language. Here, he talks with one of the UK’s foremost computer science professors, Professor David Brailsford. Time to geek out.

Yes, it’s 30 minutes long. Yes, Brailsford isn’t quite a chat show host. But that doesn’t really matter: Kernighan talks about all kinds of stuff, including Bell Labs, writing coding languages, open source and computer graphics. My personal favourite anecdote: he once ignored a conference call set-up to discuss the solution of a problem to just… solve the problem instead, because it was “so easy.” Nice work.

It’s one to have playing in the background rather than watching all the way through, but it’s nice to listen to.