10 Comedies You Should Be Watching on Stan

Stan has landed on Playstation and to celebrate, here are 10 comedies available to view anytime, anywhere, on Stan that will keep the good mood keeping on. A range of side-splitters from the US, UK and Australia make the cut, and there's a sneaky little bonus at the end. Go forth and laugh.


We shouldn’t really need to say this because you really should have watched Community by now. Six seasons of Dan Harmon lunacy (well five technically, but still) have created one of the best comedies of the 2000s. Still waiting on that movie....

South Park

Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s masterpiece is perfect binge viewing. Special shout out to Obama Wins (S16 EP14) as a perfect way to finish off a binge.

Party Down

Featuring some of your favourite actors (Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, Megan Mullally amongst plenty of others) and from the writer of Veronica Mars and iZombie, Party Down should have lasted longer than two seasons. Enjoy those two seasons. Treasure them.

Peep Show

David Mitchell and Robert Webb created eight seasons of uncomfortable, awkward brilliance. Cringe, squirm and cry with laughter at Jez, Mark, Super Hans and the gang.


Frontline was created in the mid 90s and it (somewhat worryingly) still holds true more than 20 years later. This satire of news and current affairs teams is an absolute must watch.

Hamish and Andy

The boy’s adventures have taken them through the UK and Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Europe, India, South America and Christmas. There are nine seasons of antics and belly laughs from two of Australia’s most loved comedians.


The most serious title on this list, UnREAL is dark, twisted and wickedly funny in parts. A reality dating show was never so damn interesting....

The IT Crowd

If you’ve ever worked in IT you’ll understand the struggles of Roy and Moss better than most, for the rest of us it’s four seasons of utter genius. Moss is the role Richard Ayoade was born to play.


A charming UK series about a supermarket and the characters who work in it and pass through it. It boasts that it finds ‘funny in the familiar’ and that’s actually a fairly accurate representation.

The Mighty Boosh

There will never be anything else like The Mighty Boosh and we’d love to live inside Noel Fielding’s head for a day. That is all.

Bonus: No Activity

Stan’s very own original comedy series drops on the platform this Thursday. From the makers of The Moody’s, The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide To Knife Fighting and Review with Myles Barlow and featuring some of Australia’s best comedic talent (plus some huge guest stars) this is one to look out for!


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