Which Telco Has The Best Value iPhone 6s Deal In Australia?

Shopping around for your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? This is where you start. We've got the best value deals all wrapped up.

Before We Start...

We want to get you a sweet deal, but I feel we need to mention something really important to keep in mind before we get started.

Best value does not mean cheapest. Value comes down to getting the absolute most for your money, rather than paying the least amount of money to get in on the action. If we were to recommend the carrier with the absolute cheapest iPhone 6s deal, we'd tell you to go get a 16GB iPhone 6s on Virgin Mobile.

That would get you an iPhone 6s, but for $61 per month over 24 months you'd only have a 16GB model, $300 worth of calls and texts and 300MB of data. That isn't great, especially considering the average Australian burns through a minimum of 650MB of mobile data per month. And that's according to figures from the ACMA that are almost a year old. Last year the average data consumed per subscriber went up by 97 per cent, so keeping to that trend, by December 2015 we'll all be using an average of 1.3GB per month.

Seeing as how the sting in your mobile bill from any new phone purchase comes from data spend, getting you the most data for your buck while simultaneously nabbing you a 64GB iPhone 6s or 6s Plus is what we're going to be going for in this exercise. Because ain't nobody got time for 16GB iPhones.

So, with that in mind, what's the best value iPhone plan you can get? Let's take a look at Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

iPhone 6s

So this is a tough one. Understand from the outset that you aren't really going to get away with getting an iPhone 6s on-contract for less than $70 per month. That's just a given with new phones. The reason why it's tough is because there's a weird tie for first place between Virgin Mobile and Optus.

Virgin Mobile will sell you a 64GB iPhone 6s for $80 per month. That cost comes from a $50 Plan which includes $500 worth of calls and texts, and 2GB of data over 24 months. That means you're paying $30 per month for the iPhone, making the total cost of the device itself to $720 over the two year period: a far cry from the $1229 Apple will sell it to you for. (The whole service plan inclusive of the phone is $1920 over two years.)

Not bad.

Optus, meanwhile, has the 64GB iPhone 6s on a 24-month plan for $88 per month. Dollar-to-dollar, Virgin has its MVNO parent beat, but consider the inclusions of the Optus plan. For your $88 per month, you get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 3GB of data and 150 minutes to international destinations thanks to the $60 plan, making the phone an extra $28 per month. The phone itself will cost you $672 over 24 months, while the whole bundle costs $2112 over the same period.

Again, going with Virgin means you're parting with $8 less per month, but if it was my money, I'd spend the extra $8 per month for more data, unlimited talk and text, future plans for LTE-A carrier aggregation and international talk inclusions. To me, Optus is the best value.

Bringing up the rear is Vodafone and Telstra in third and fourth place, respectively.

Calculating Vodafone's inclusions is tough, simply because the carrier is boosting data inclusions on entry-level plans for iPhone customers. It can be tough to decipher what the actual bang-for-buck is with such inclusions, so for the sake of fairness we've removed any new sign-up bonuses from this test just to level the playing field. (That being said, you should always put the screws to your telco before you sign on the dotted line. You never know what a bit of haggling can get you)

Even with Vodafone's bonus inclusions, however, it's oddly expensive. For $87 per month, you get infinite standard national calls and texts, $5 Red Roaming and a paltry 500MB of data thanks to the $40 Plan. A bonus offer sees that 500MB doubled up to 1GB of data if you sign up before 29 September 2015, but even then this plan is too pricey to recommend. The next plan up will cost you a $90 per month for 3GB of data, but even then we've got Optus keeping us cosy for $2 less per month and more capable 4G.

Then there's Telstra, which will sell you a 64GB iPhone 6s for a total payment of $95 per month. That includes $550 worth of talk and text and 1GB of data on the $55 Go Mobile plan, with the phone coming in at an extra $40 per month over 24 months. The next plan up costs you $102 per month and gets you $1000 of talk and 2.5GB of data on the Go Mobile $70 Plan, with the phone costing $32 per month. No thanks.

iPhone 6s Plus

Going big with your phone also means going big with your wallet. The iPhone 6s Plus is not cheap.

The leaderboard here is much the same: Virgin wins dollar-for-dollar, Optus takes out the best value in our opinion, while Vodafone and Telstra bring up the rear.

Virgin Mobile will sell you the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus for $86 per month. That cost comes from a $50 Plan which includes $500 worth of calls and texts, and 2GB of data over 24 months. The phone will cost $36 per month over 24 months.

Going with Optus means you're spending a little more money, but getting more bang for buck, which makes it the best choice in our minds. You'll get the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus on Optus for $94 per month. The $60 plan gives you unlimited talk, unlimited text, 3GB of data and 150 minutes to international destinations, making the phone an extra $34 per month.

Vodafone will sell you an iPhone 6s Plus for a minimum of $93 per month inclusive of only 1GB of data, and Telstra starts at $102 per month for the same amount of data.

Optus and Virgin are the place to be.

Keep in mind that carriers don't have a whole lot of 6s Plus stock, so if you want one, get in quick. Or, perhaps you could buy outright?


Compare how much you pay a carrier for your phone per month over 24 months with what you'll pay Apple to get a device outright, and you realise that carriers are still softening the blow to your wallet with partial subsidies. We mentioned earlier that with a Virgin or Optus plan you'd only end up paying $720 or $632 respectively for your device over a 24 month period, but don't be fooled. Yes, it can be more expensive as a one-off cost buying a phone outright, but you can offset the cost with a super-cheap SIM-only service.

Amaysim, for example, will give you unlimited talk, text and MMS a month, as well as 2GB of data for just $29.90 per month with no contract. Vodafone will give you infinite standard national calls and texts and 3GB of data for just $40 per month with no contract. It all balances out in the end, it's just where you want to spend your money: outright or month-by-month. That decision is up to you.

Did you pre-order an iPhone 6s? Who did you go with? Let us know in the comments!



    Have to say I'm pretty happy with the deal I got at Vodafone.
    Online only deal apparently.
    $80 plan (6gb) bonus 2gb for ordering before 29/9 then another bonus 2gb for iPhone. So with iPhone 6s plus 128gb total $110 a month with 10gb.
    Other number on my plan is on sim only $35 with 3gb and its shared so get 13gb across both plans.

    Last edited 14/09/15 12:31 pm

      I just re-signed with Vodafone over the phone. 64GB 6s on the $80 red plan + $15 for the phone - $4.50 loyalty bonus. That gets me 6GB + 2GB bonus, unlimited text/calls, 2 months data workout (unlimited) and 6 months of Spotify Premium (value $72).

      Summary: $90.50/month for phone with 8GB data.

      Note: when I initially called the rep tried to offer me the 3+1GB plan for $98, which is more expensive than their own website for sign ups. I'm happy with what I'm getting now.

        How long have you been with Voda for the loyalty bonus?

          I've been negotiating a loyalty bonus for the past 2 24-month contracts (been with Voda since 2008).

          I've been with Three/Vodafone for about a decade I think. I had a 3GS with them (and phones before that) and have been on the 'tock' cycle since (4S/5S/6S). I'm not sure that the length of time was what got me the discount; they offered $98 (above normal), I told them $95 was on the website with more data, they came back with $92, I asked for $90 and they settled at $90.50.

          I'm liking this idea of the shared plan that everyone's on about; my wife's on an expired $40 plan with 500MB (got a free Galaxy Express P.O.S.) -- I think we'll drop her back to a $30 SIM-only shared plan and share 9GB with unlimited calls/text, with her having my 5S. All in all we'll be paying about $5/month more than we were last month, but with a shiny new flagship device. Can't complain about that.

      I'm with Vodafone as well, haggling over the phone I got an iPhone 6s 128Gb for $18 per month on the $80 Red plan with 8Gb data, plus a 8.5Gb $35 per month SIM only data share plan. In the end my handset will only set me back $432 and I'm paying $115 for 16.5Gb data. Not bad at all.

      Hey, how are you getting the extra iPhone 2gb (total 10gb) I can only seem to get 8gb total. I'm looking at 64gb iphone6s for $95/pm

        Try to talk them down. I got to $90.50 (64GB 6S/6+2GB/$80 red plan). Additional 2GB might be by adding a higher-value SIM-only plan with sharing.

    Hey @jimbobaus - where did you find the other extra 2gb (order before 29/9 bonus?)? I could only find the bonus 2gb for ordering the iPhone on the $80 plan online...

    Last edited 14/09/15 1:15 pm

      When I checked my Vodafone it showed 10gb. I rang Vodafone and they confirmed 10gb. 2gn bonus is for everyone. Other 2gb was for upgrading online apparently.

    The only support I can give for Telstra (and I'm trying, as I just renewed!) other than the usual network coverage argument - is the "free" extra's.

    $135pm for the iPhone 6S+ on the L plan, gives me 7gb and unlimited text and talk. However, I also get free New Phone Feeling again (for the inevitable iPhone 7 upgrade in 12 months!) and 24 months of Apple Music.

    Is that enough? Really depends on your requirements, I'm happy(ish)!!!

      Fark me dead! Here I am paying $18 per month Vaya plan with my 2 year old Nexus 4 I picked up for $199

      Guess everyone has their own passions and luxuries

        My wife still complains that my Nexus 4 was expensive ($400 in 2012) even though it is almost three years old and was by far the best value smartphone at the time. And I'm on a grandfathered $15/month TPG plan. (1GB data but excess data comes out of included credit so I can use about 2GB with my minimal voice use)

          They are a ripping phone! Mine's 16GB internal memory so once every 6 months I do a clean out/backup, and I smacked the screen a while back so I fixed that myself for $50. It works like a charm and can't justify going from $432 (over 24mths) to almost $2000. If I keep the Vaya plan I could buy an $1200 iPhone and still have $300+ in my pocket. Your TPG is even better!

          P.s. $1200 for a phone is just crazy in my opinion but as I said, everyone has their passions and luxuries.

      The new phone feeling thing u gotta be a bit careful. From what i know last time, you have to resign the contract for another 2 years, and you have to return your current iphone to them in good condition. It might not be that good of a deal.

      Yeah, I have to be on Telstra because of where we live. If you were going to subscribe to apple music anyway, it makes it more attractive. What if you want the family option for apple music?

        I'd like to know about the family option too - can't find any mention of it.

      I strongly suggest you read the new phone feeling option Telstra are promoting. Its not at all what you think. Charges are invloved just to re-sign for another 24 months. And you have to hand your current phone back to Telstra. So the "handset repayments you've been paying for is dead money you have nothing to show for it

    I would still go with Telstra. Just for the network coverage and good speed. Which is the reason why I switched from Optus 3 years ago. Back then the Optus plan I had gave me 1.5GB of data. But when I tried to use it the speed would be slow or I couldn't get any 3G reception. My phone would get hot and be low on battery because it would be trying to find a good connection. So my point is what use is all this data when you can barely use it. I would rather get less for my money but have that piece of mind that it will work when I need it. I am not sure how Optus is doing now but I would still stick with Telstra. Lucky for me my plan finishes at the end of every Iphone Xs cycle so the Iphones are cheaper by the time my plan finishes.

    Last edited 14/09/15 2:15 pm

      I had to switch back to telstra recently when my local optus tower went down with no repair ETA.
      Telstra's download speed is literally less than half of my optus download speed, isn't even any more stable... I can't wait to get back to optus :S

    Sliiight correction.. Telstra offers unlimited SMS/MMS on all plans. Still very expensive though for what you get, slight camera upgrade and 'force touch'. I wouldn't bother with the iphone 6s not for the price of it, no way. I think this will be a breaking point for the Apple fans, they'll either cough up the extra $$ or go to Android.. The new Samsung phones look mint and are a lot cheaper, well some of them :P

      The real value at the moment is with the second tier Android manufacturers like LG and Motorola. Samsung are trying too hard to be Apple.

        Motorola>LG>EVERY OTHER PHONE>Shamsung.
        Have been one of the worst for years imo, definitely the most overrated.

      You lost me at 'mint'.

      Whether you like their stuff or not, you have to admit that Apple show an amazing ability to convince people to buy their stuff, no matter the price.

      Some of the Android phones are amazing, but sadly the not-so-amazing ones seem to have the biggest market share.

    Heads up on the comparison of Virgin and Optus. Virgin has full and equal access to the Optus network. Any infrastructure improvements like 4G carrier aggregation and the recent HD voice upgrade are applicable to Virgin customers as well.

    Also Virgin either allows you to use a portion (sometimes all) of your included call credit to call overseas and usually has a dollar inclusion on it's unlimited plans.

      Virgin also has data rollover on some contract plans.

      Beware the excess data though, which Optus charges at $10/GB but Virgin charges at 7.2c/MB or $72 per GB.

      Last edited 14/09/15 3:28 pm

    if it was my money, I’d spend the extra $8 per month for more data, unlimited talk and text, future plans for LTE-A carrier aggregation and...

    Optus already has the largest carrier aggregation LTE network in Australia. In Melbourne & Newcastle with Sydney coming soon, cat 9 is already available. Cat 6 LTE-A is already available across the entire Optus LTE network (utilising 2 x 2300MHz channels or 700+1800 in the capital cities, depending on what your device supports, and 700+2600 in regional areas)

    There's another argument to be made here - most of the plans offered are often at higher rates than equivalent pre-paid offers, and more than some people actually need. This means that you're paying more per month than you would if you bought the phone outright (divided by 24 months for the plan) and went pre-paid.

    Last edited 14/09/15 3:27 pm

    The phone cost a little less than the one it replaces, say US$250 or $300AU, add 100% profit for apple $600+GST, $660... Now double that and sell the base model with only 16gb, are you MAD! And im an apple user saying this! I got 12 recharges on Amasym for unlimited 5gb for $20ea, ill port over from vaya to the new sim when i get back and waited for the 64gb Ip6 64gb went on a group buy and paid $800ish for it. I can wait easy for the next version and ill get most of what i bought the ip5 for back off the price, so say $500 out of pocket & $20x12=240+500=740/12=$61pm over 12 months. Then either discounted ozbargin recharges or back to vaya.

    Really frustrating when you need your phone at work and the part of East Ballina is an Optus black (hole) spot. Not much choice but buy outright and use boost!

    Optus is $88.00/month for a 3gb plan, whilst they have a sim only plan for $50.00/month for a 8gb plan.

    Therefore, to get the same 8gb, @ $10/gb extra, you will really be spending $138.00/month.

    Therefore, by buying the phone outright, @ $1229, plus $50/month = $101.00/month. And its not a fixed contract. Crazy how you guys don't think about this.

      Or you could just get the $91/month plan which comes with 8gb data and is $10/month cheaper than your idea...

    Out of curiosity, why did you compare the virgin $50 plan and Optus $60 plan together?
    The virgin $60 plan and the Optus $60 plan both have a 28 dollar handset fee. So both totals $88 per month. both with unlimited calls and text. Optus with 150 int-minutes and virgin with $200 dollars worth international calls. Optus with 3GB and Virgin with 4GB.
    As you pointed out you can spend more with Optus and get good value. But you get even more value with virgin. That's not including rollovers

    64GB iPhone6S Plus = $1379 = $57.46 per month over 24 months.
    64GB Iphone 6 = $1229 = $51.20 per month over 24 months
    So an outright buy still looks cheaper in most cases.

    e.g. the Telstra M plan with 5GB of data for $50pm

    Last edited 15/09/15 2:15 pm

    I currently have a 64 GB iPhone 6 (outright) with the $35 Sim only plan on Virgin mobile (No lock in) and am very happy with it. However, I will be waiting for at least the iPhone 7 before I actually upgrade (Partially due to the cycle but mostly due to the fact that several hundred dollars has been arbitrarily added to the price because "screw you Australia, give us money!" which means I have to save for way longer to afford the damn thing)

    These plans have already been around for Android... Sarcasm obviously.

    I renewed my contract with Optus and couldn't be happier. I got the iPhone 6s Plus 128gb on the $122 plan which gives me unlimited calls and texts and a very comfy 12 gigs of data every month (only pay for 10 and get the bonus 2 for free). I did get insurance as well which adds $13 so for $135 all up a month, for me that is very affordable and a really great deal for the top spec model.

    or a 64GB 6s with optus on an $80 plan = $91 with 8GB of data

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