What To Expect From Apple’s Massive ‘Hey Siri’ Event This Week

What To Expect From Apple’s Massive ‘Hey Siri’ Event This Week

Another iPhone day is upon us, but this year, there’s a twist. While we can undoubtedly expect to see a new phone, we also expect a look at a very meaningful upgrade to the ageing Apple TV. The latest iPhone will put more power in your pocket. The new Siri-ready Apple TV might just transform your entire home.

The most dependable reports suggest that Apple is about to announce a ton of stuff, including an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with a badass camera 6s, a gamer-friendly and Siri-powered Apple TV, the impending arrival of the so-called iPad Pro, and possibly even a new iPad Mini. We can also expect to hear more about iOS 9 as well as watchOS 2. While this iPhone day seems like a series of updates, it looks like Apple wants to turn the Apple TV into its own platform and make a smarter Siri central to the user experience. That little black box could become the only gadget you need in your living room — besides an actual TV, of course. We might even see a new watchband or two.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

The new iPhone 6S is probably going to look almost exactly like the iPhone 6, but it will be better. Better means a faster processor, Force Touch capabilities, and a stronger chassis. Most notably, however, Apple’s latest flagship will include an insanely terrific camera. We can also expect to see some new tricks in iOS 9, and we might even get a rose gold (think: pink) iPhone.

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Apple TV

It feels like we’ve been waiting years for a truly meaningful update to Apple’s rather utilitarian set top box, because we have been waiting years for a truly meaningful update. It looks like this is the year as the Apple TV is expected to get a much better processor, more onboard storage, new Siri capabilities, an SDK for custom Apple TV apps, and an exciting new remote with touchpad capabilities and an array of sensors. Some think that Apple’s trying to turn the TV into a gaming console, but with HomeKit products finally starting to ship, it seems like it could be the nerve center of your whole house.

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iPad Pro

Here’s another idea that’s been kicking around. People have been speculating that Apple wants to join the big tablet game for a while, and thanks to ForceTouch and new multitasking features in iOS 9, it looks like now might finally be the time. With a reported screen size of 12.9-inches, to so-called iPad Pro would offer designers and other enterprise customers a huge canvas, while ForceTouch and a rumoured iPad stylus would bring new layers of sophistication to the tablet. It’s unclear if the device is in mass production, as it’s seen many delays, but we might get a sneak peek at the “Hey Siri” event.

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iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 3 didn’t get a lot of love. In fact, the last upgrade to Apple’s tiny tablet basically amounted to the addition of Touch ID. Rumormongers think that Tim Cook and company plan to play a little catch up and release a thinner iPad Mini 4 with an A8 or A9 processor as well as an improved camera which would basically bring the specs up to match the iPad Air 2. At the same time, there are some whispers about Apple killing off the iPad Mini entirely, so who knows what will really happen.

iOS 9 and watchOS 2

With Siri poised to be the star of the Apple TV show, we can expect some meaningful updates in the latest versions of Apple’s mobile operating systems. iOS 9 has been out in the wild for a while thanks to a public beta test, so we pretty much know what to expect there.

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watchOS 2 and Watch Accessories

The inevitable update to watchOS will likely include a handful of new features and under-the-hood upgrades. Apple’s already teased a preview that shows off some an improved Siri with additional functionality, fancy new face options, some neat calendar tweaks, a nightstand mode, and a frankly pretty awesome-looking Transit app. Oh, and there might be some colourful new band options. It’s probably safe to say that the new watchbands will not have any special Siri functions.

Images by Michael Hession / Apple