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Australia's New Communications Minister: 'We're Technology Agnostic' About The NBN When leadership changes, there’s always the potential for certain passion projects to be brought to the fore. In his previous role as communications minister, Australia’s current prime minister’s history as a founding face in Australia’s internet was at odds with the decision to rationalise and roll-back the rollout of high-speed fibre to the home NBN. That might change.

Samsung's 950 Pro Is A Massively Fast, Super-Tiny M.2 SSD Samsung’s SSDs have always been fast. We were big fans of the 840 Pro, and its mainstream Evo variant — it was the first SSD to crack through the 1TB storage barrier. Then the 850 Pro and Evo came around, and we thought things couldn’t get too much better. As it turns out, they couldn’t — not unless Samsung tried out a new form factor and high-speed data connector.

TPG Is Still Building Its Own Competitor To The NBN The National Broadband Network is facing renewed competition, in the cities where it should theoretically be making the most money. TPG will continue to build out its potentially lucrative fibre-to-the-basement metropolitan broadband network, and might even start to offer access to it through its new acquisiton iiNet. Soon enough, you might buy an iiNet service for your apartment and be getting NBN-like speeds, despite being connected to TPG’s own fibre.

Ask Gizmodo: How Do I Make My Home Theatre Smarter? Ask Gizmodo deals with the especially tricky tech in our lives: this time Glenn wants to know how he can bring his home theatre system into the 21st century with some seriously smart A/V tech.

What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Eating A Big Mac? When you first bite into a Big Mac, it is absolutely glorious. The two patties sandwiching the chewy bread in the middle with the lovely thousand island sauce mixing in with the pickles and lettuce, the taste is iconic. Add in fries and a sip of Coke in between bites and you have reached Fast Food nirvana. But after you eat a Big Mac? Your body doesn’t always feel so hot.

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