Watch Elon Musk Unveil The New Tesla Model X

Watch Elon Musk Unveil The New Tesla Model X

Three years after the introduction of the all-electric, record-breaking, 103-out-of-100 Model S, Tesla Motors has a new car. The Model X is a larger version of the same technological underpinnings of the Model S, but adds rear ‘falcon-wing’ doors and some serious cargo space — transporting seven adults and their luggage in comfort. You can watch Tesla founder Elon Musk introduce it right here, right now.

The event kicks off in Fremont, California at 8PM Pacific Standard Time, or 1PM AEST today. We’ll embed the Tesla Motors live stream as soon as it becomes publicly available — until then, you’ll have to view the event video from the Tesla Motors website. Or, you can watch this slightly unofficial Periscope stream until Elon comes on stage.

Update: It’s happening now.

Update: And it’s over! You can learn all about the Model X right here.

You can expect a sub-3.5-second 0-100km/h time, just like the insane Model S P85D, as well as a price tag well north of $100,000 in Australia. You can reserve one right now, sight unseen, if you have the $6000 deposit burning a hole in your pocket. First US deliveries of the new car will start today for US$132,000 pre-order holders at Tesla’s factory event.

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