Timex’s Next Smartwatch Focuses On Just Fitness Tracking

Timex’s Next Smartwatch Focuses On Just Fitness Tracking

About a year ago Timex revealed its One GPS+ smartwatch that squeezed GPS, messaging, 4GB of storage, and its own independent 3G connection into a fairly chunky timepiece. But with its Metropolitan+, Timex’s next smartwatch instead focuses on fitness tracking and style.

Pricing and availability hasn’t been revealed just yet, just a 2015 timeline, but the Metropolitan+ is bound to be cheaper than the feature-packed One GPS+ which sold for $US400. And thanks to its analogue, and dare we say stylish, facade, you won’t have to swap out your timepiece when you need to look more corporate, and less extreme athlete.

The Metropolitan+ secretly tracks your daily activity like steps, distance walked, and calories burned, and reports it all back to an accompanying app on an iOS or Android mobile device over Bluetooth. There’s a dedicated dial on the watch’s face for keeping tabs on your daily stats, but no notifications or other distractions.

But what you lose when it comes to staying on top of email, text messages, and social media, you gain with the Metropolitan+ never needing charging — just the occasional battery swap. And that’s a huge plus because a fitness tracker really isn’t tracking anything when it’s perched on a charging dock all the time.

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