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Supercharged: Travelling From Sydney To Melbourne For Free In A Tesla Model S Back in April, our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne took around 30 hours, and involved an overnight charge in Canberra and a four-hour charge on three-phase in Wodonga. Today, we did that entire trip in less than 12 hours — thanks to the recent installation of Tesla’s superchargers, all of which have gone live within the last two weeks.

What's The Best Way To Tie Your Shoes? Physics May Have The Answer The most common mistake when tying your shoelaces is accidentally making a weaker granny knot instead of the stronger square knot. Now, physics can help you tie the perfect knot that stays tight no matter what.

Uber Vs Taxis: Choice Says UberX Is Cheaper And Safer Weighing in on the ongoing UberX vs taxi debate, consumer advocacy group CHOICE today released the results of a report that pits both services against each other. Looking at factors like price, reliability and safety, CHOICE came out with a clear winner that will be entirely unsurprising to anyone living in the 21st century. UberX was found to be just as safe and reliable as your average taxi, and on average came out to be 40% cheaper.

10 Awesome Bloopers That Actually Made It Into Movies There is so much preparation that goes into a movie — so many takes captured of any given scene, and so much effort that goes into the camera work, and so much practice for the performances but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Mistakes happen, lines are forgotten, and bloopers are created. But sometimes those happy accidents end up being better than what the filmmakers originally intended.

Coming Soon: This Week In Movie Trailers Welcome to the trailer park! Catch up on all this week’s new movie trailers with Coming Soon: Angry Birds the movie, Mockingjay Part 2, Hardcore and more!

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