This Is What Happens When You Turn A Line Drawing Into A Chair

This Is What Happens When You Turn a Line Drawing Into a Chair

What happens when you take a line drawing into three dimensions? For designers at SOHN this chair is what: a simple seat with clean lines and an iconic profile.

The chair, known as the One Liner, takes a single tube of metal to draw out the frame for the seat. It snakes up from the ground forming one side of the seat, jumps up to provide an illusion of a back, dives to the floor for support, and finally wiggles back up and down to form the final side of the seat.

Viewed in profile, it has the iconic outline of a chair, though in practice it's not quite as functional. In fact, the design — which in reality functions more like a stool — is influenced by a line drawing of a chair made by Picasso. SOHN explains:

Through 3-dimensional drawing with wires, the side looks like a chair, however it is functionally designed as a stool. It tells a new story and provides a new experience through its non-traditional shape and function.

Made of powder-coated aluminium, the chair is yet to go on sale — but we'll be excited when it does.

This Is What Happens When You Turn a Line Drawing Into a Chair

[SOHN via Design Boom]

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