There's A One In Four Chance Your Friend's Phone Is Covered In Shit

Look around you, at all the people who are inevitably using their smartphones right now. Statistically, almost half of them have dropped their phones in the toilet at some stage. Chances are, almost half of those people are still using the same phone they once dropped in the toilet. According to the results of an online survey released by LifeProof, Australia is experiencing an epidemic of phones being dropped in unsavoury places.

Phone in toilet photo by Shutterstock

LifeProof collected this data in a — hopefully anonymous — online survey, finding a surprising number of respondents had indeed dropped their phone in the good old porcelain throne — with 31% of them even ending up in the urinal. Repeat offenders are apparently common as well, with a whopping 95% of toilet drops coming from people who really should know better. The question is, how do so many Aussie phones end up in toilets, and what do their owners do afterwards? Check out the infographic below for more details!

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