The World's Largest Arcade Cabinet Makes Anyone Feel Like A Little Kid Again

The World's Largest Arcade Cabinet Makes Anyone Feel Like a Little Kid Again

Those of us considered adults now didn't grow up playing video games exclusively in the living room. We often travelled to far away rooms called arcades that were full of giant one-game consoles. And if you think back to being a little kid, Jason Camberis' over 4 metres tall arcade cabinet is probably exactly how you remember them.

Camberis, who actually builds normal-sized arcade cabinets for a living, built this 14.4-feet tall behemoth as an homage to his youth spend loitering in arcades. And besides a satisfying sense of nostalgia, it also earned him a place in the Guinness World Records.

The two-player arcade machine has matching over-sized joysticks, giant buttons, and a screen that looks straight out of a home theatre — so it should definitely do the crappy pixelated graphics of the '80s justice. And presumably Camberis' creation is rigged for infinite credits, or else he'll have to spend 10 minutes feeding it $100 in quarters before every game. [Guinness World Records via Core77]

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