The Telstra TV Is Delayed

The Telstra TV Is Delayed

The Telstra TV is actually pretty exciting. A rebadged Roku 2 box featuring all of your catch-up content in the one place. Cool, right? Here’s what sucks: you’ll be waiting for it just a liiiitle longer.

Telstra has confirmed reports originally published in The Australian this morning indicating that the Telstra TV box is delayed until at least October.

The delay isn’t down to a hardware issue, rather Telstra had planned to launch the box with new home bundle plans. The plans are reportedly taking longer to figure out than initially expected, leading to a push-back in the Telstra TV launch timeline.

The Telstra TV box is a rebadged Roku product that will — eventually — bring together Netflix, Stan and Presto in the one box. Those streaming services would also sit alongside the BigPond Movies store.

We’ll bring you a review of the Telstra TV when it’s closer to launch!