The Real Death Star Was Far Less Complicated Than This Perplexus Maze

It’s almost impossible to grasp how much design and engineering would be required to build a space station the size of a moon. But it’s probably still easier than navigating a tiny metal ball through the twists, ramps, and other obstacles inside this Death Star Perplexus maze.

At $US40 this Death Star version of the extremely challenging spherical mazes is a little more expensive because it’s the first to come with light-up features and sound effects. The goal is to get your X-wing — in this case a tiny metal ball-bearing — through the space station’s complicated maze and eventually take out its glowing power core.

You won’t be risking life and limb during the challenge, but be prepared for an unexpected torrent of profanity every time that little ball falls off the track. [Toys “R” Us]