The New Apple TV Is All About Apps

The New Apple TV Is All About Apps

Just when you thought the Apple TV was just another set-top box, everything has changed. The Cupertino company just announced the biggest Apple TV upgrade in recent memory, one that transforms the little box into a whole new platform for your home.

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This story was originally posted at 4:05AM, Thursday 10th September.


The Apple TV hardware looks largely the same but bigger. It's a little bit taller and packs a bigger punch. But it's still pretty small and very black.


"We believe the future of television is apps," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, to no one's surprise. That means that Apple is opening up a whole new platform for developers to create TV-specific apps, namely games and entertainment programming. The new Apple TV will also be Siri-powered which includes all sorts of handy voice controls for easy navigating.

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New Remote

As we expected Apple's completely redesigned the remote for the Apple TV. The Two big differences are a glass touchpad on the top and a new button to beckon Siri.

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There's also a toggle for volume, a menu button, and a home screen button. And it kind of looks like a tiny little iPhone, except without a colourful touchscreen. The touchpad essentially works the same way as other iOS device, though, except your swipes are being registered on your TV and not the gadget in your hand. So if you're browsing through movies, you can swipe your thumb and zoom through your entertainment options. You can also move through shows or movies using the touchpad.

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