The Internet Is Having A Field Day Over David Cameron’s Pig Sex Act Allegations

The Internet Is Having A Field Day Over David Cameron’s Pig Sex Act Allegations

A new book alleges that British Prime Minister David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy into a dead pig’s mouth” as part of a university initiation ritual. This is what the social internet was made for.

The gossip that launched a bevy of hashtags and an ongoing flood of hilarious tweets comes from an unauthorised biography of Cameron by Lord Ashcroft, a wealthy Conservative party member. In a House of Cards-worthy move, Ashcroft felt slighted when Cameron did not offer him an important job after Cameron came to power in 2010, and the biography is his revenge.

The book makes various juicy Cameron claims, including allegations that the PM took drugs at Oxford, where Cameron belonged to a notoriously debauched dining club. And it was a club initiation ritual that supposedly saw the future Prime Minister perform a sex act with a dead pig’s head. That’s all the internet needed to hear.

#piggate, #hameron, #oink, #baeofpigs, @snoutrage — the British press and social media have taken the pig’s head and run with it, while people around the globe are waking up and joining the party. For many the first thought was of the BBC serial Black Mirror, in which the Prime Minister is forced to have sex with a pig on live TV to avert catastrophe.

Black Mirror co-creater and cowriter Charlie Brooker:

The social internet has exploded with jokes, memes and photoshop manipulations, as well as some now-unfortunate found photos. The are hundreds of thousands of tweets and posts on #piggate, and more than a few good jokes:

Yes, the pig now has its own Twitter account, of course.

The allegations and subsequent memes have spread so far that the Taiwanese animators already have a vaguely NSFW depiction of the event:

People opposed to Cameron’s Conservative politics are pulling no punches:

Meanwhile, is Pig Brother watching in the U.K.?

#piggate is a perfect storm of British humour and British politics, and you can spend hours watching the hashtag grow and grow like a prize porcine. Although David Cameron must be having a very bad day, #piggate is the gift that keeps on giving to the rest of us.

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