The Exo GP-1 Turns Your GoPro Hero Into A Mini Leica

So many people these days carry their GoPros around with them on holiday — walk around Sydney's Circular Quay, near the Gizmodo office, and you'll see them on selfie sticks, on little waterproof handles, and in holidaymakers' hands, using them as compact wide-angle cameras. But they're a little small and unwieldy to snap photos with; the Exo GP-1 wants to change that with a custom housing that includes a shutter button, viewfinder and cold-shoe accessory mount.

Exo Camera Equipment is a New Zealand-based company, using Kickstarter to raise about $53000 to produce the GP-1. Designed to fit a GoPro Hero 3 or 4, the GP-1 looks like a miniaturised fixed-lens Leica, and it does make the pretty utilitarian GoPro into a much more attractive device. The viewfinder would come in handy for framing shots, too — as long as it's accurately designed. $NZ245 — about $215 — will secure your pre-order. [Kickstarter]

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