The Dopest Pope Francis Memes On The Internet

The Dopest Pope Francis Memes On The Internet

Have you heard that the Pope is dope?

Kim Kardashian set off a kerfluffle in Argentina after tweeting that very sentiment. Argentine media interpreted her tweet as “the Pope is drugs” and took offence, some even branding Kardashian his “enemy.” While I’m certain the Kardashians are signs of an approaching apocalypse, Kim likely picked up on #thepopeisdope hashtag, which has been trending since Francis landed in America. Cool Pope is beloved on social media, so let’s see how he’s been meme’d.

“Good guy Pope Francis” is a meme where people point out the chill things Francis has done:

The social sentiments for Francis — who has been vocal on issues like climate change, immigration and poverty — are a far cry from the memes released upon his unloved predecessor, Benedict:

No, the universal impression seems to be that Francis can get down.

Do you have a Dope Pope meme up your sleeve?