The Best Feature Of The iPhone 6s Explained Via GIFs

What do you do when you film a demonstration video and then can't use the audio? You make GIFs, of course! Here's the coolest feature of the iPhone 6s as explained in GIF form.

3D Touch

3D Touch is hard to understand if you can't see it. Basically, it means you long-press on your screen with a little bit more force to get your iPhone to respond with new menus.

Hold down on any app made by Apple and you'll get funky new menus designed to make interacting with your phone faster.

It also works inside your apps to load things like flight information...

...calendar information...

...and even web pages!

It also works for third-party apps like Instagram from both the Home Screen...

...and inside the app, too.

You can even get a quick look at your emails like on Mac OS X!

We can't wait to see what other third-party developers do with it!

Luke Hopewell travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Apple.

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