The Army Wants Its Missing Missile Back

The Army Wants Its Missing Missile Back

A 45kg training missile fell off an Army helicopter in northern New York on Friday, and the Army still hasn’t found it.

The nonexplosive, non-motorised dummy missile fell from an AH-64 Apache on its way from Fort Drum to the New York Air Show on Friday. The 45kg, 1.6m-long dummy missile is meant to simulate the weight and appearance of a Hellfire missile for training. It has “U.S. Army” painted on the side in big block letters, which is a lesson to all of us: write your name on your things if you’re likely to lose them.

So if you live in New York and you’ve seen a missile with “U.S. Army” painted on the side, call Fort Drum’s 10th Mountain Division Operations Center. They would really like it back.

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Top image: U.S. Army, Fort Drum