Some Guy Is Already Camping Out For The iPhone 6s In Front Of The Sydney Apple Store

There's a guy waiting out the front of the Apple Store on George Street in the Sydney CBD. He has two weeks to wait for the new iPhone to come out, but he has a plan. And a lawn chair. He has a lawn chair and a plan.

This story was originally posted at 12:45PM, September 10.

OK, full disclosure -- this isn't just some guy, it's Lindsay Handmer, occasional freelance site editor for us, general friend of Gizmodo Australia and all-round tech geek. Apropos of nothing, on Tuesday, he sent us an email with the subject "some idiot is lining up for the iPhone in Sydney", but it was a surprise to open that email and see the words "...and it's me" right up the top. He has been there since the early morning that Tuesday, and with the new iPhones launching on September 25, he has another fortnight to go.

There's a reason behind what Lindsay is doing. He's using the opportunity -- both the camp-out itself, and the opportunity of being first in line for the new $1079 iPhone 6s and $1299 6s Plus -- to raise money for Mission Australia, a charity that supports homeless people around the country. He's raising money on the street, and auctioning off the first new iPhone in Australia come launch day, to send those funds straight on to charity.

Last year, we wrote this story -- If You're In An iPhone Queue, Read This: It's Time To Give Back. In it, we wrote about the fact that many people camping out overnight to be some of the first in the world to buy a new iPhone might not even realise that Australia has over 100,000 homeless people at any time. Those people don't have the luxury of buying iPhones -- they're sleeping rough because they usually don't have any income, let alone a disposable $1000 spare.

I've already thrown a $20 towards Lindsay's GoFundRaise campaign for Mission Australia; I think his perseverance and commitment to sleeping in front of the Apple Store for a fortnight is worth praise (hell, I wouldn't even do it overnight), but doing it to make the plight of Australia's homeless more obvious is absolutely admirable. When you think about the cost of a new iPhone, a small donation barely figures as a rounding error. He's aiming for $5000.

Lindsay is also using the opportunity to launch a new site, an online classifieds (just like Gumtree or eBay) just for tech gear -- it's called MySpareTech. If you've ever bought or sold something like an iPhone or a laptop or PC components, you'll know how much of a struggle it can be -- no-one knows how much their gear is worth, and if you're lucky enough to find a potential buyer then you have to deal with the actual process of selling the gear. God knows I've had plenty of people promise to buy my old computer gear and then never actually transfer the cash...

MySpareTech has only just launched, and it's in the very early stages of development. It'll evolve with time, as users try it out -- listings are free until the end of September, and will cost a couple of dollars after that -- and the functionality will increase. But even in its beta state, you can still use it to list, sell or buy the excess tech junk lying around your house. I have a lot of that courtesy of this job, so I just might give MySpareTech a go. There are a bunch of example listings already up there, you can search, and it'll put you in touch with anyone already selling their stuff.

This September isn't quite as cold as last year, but sleeping outside on the footpath is still extremely tough -- not just if you're out for a couple of weeks to spruik a new business and snag a new iPhone, but moreso if you're living on the street full-time without the security of a warm house to go home to at the end of the day. We applaud Lindsay taking the opportunity to raise awareness and raise money for those in need. You can check out his fundraiser, and also take a look at MySpareTech while you're at it.

And if you're in the area, stop by and say hi. He tells us he has some fun activities planned for when more people turn up in the line to keep him company -- he has a mini projector, he says, and Night Of The Living Dead is a public domain film. The guys from Airtasker have already stopped by, and Lindsay is using that service for food deliveries (as well as relying on his long-suffering fiancee, of course). [GoFundRaise / MySpareTech]

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    The first GoFundraise link points to your confirmation page not the specific donation page. Might want to update. The link at the bottom is fine.

      Whoops, ta! Fixed. And added in another one for good measure.

    I was about to jump in as soon as I saw the headline to say what a douchbag and you'll probably get one quicker pre ordering and having it delivered but then I saw the cause so I donated instead. Great Job Lindsay!! The world needs more people like you.

    I want to head over to George St and give this guy a high five.

      Please do! I also deal in coffee, toilet break and fist bumps.

      ....and a donation...right?

        Yep! But do that through the fundraiser - I don't take anything in person!

          Nothing in person?... *folds up novelty sized trillion dollar cheque and puts it in pocket*...Just cant give this away.

            *returns gold bullion bar to pocket* Gosh darn this economy. Can't even give this stuff away...

              You can if its rose gold.

    I wonder if Apple is going to pay people to stand in line to make it look like people are anxious to get the new iPhone like they did every other time they released a new model.

      Pretty sure a business who sells 75m phones every 3 months probably doesn't need to.

        You could say they don't need to advertise as well but they do. It's all about the hype. Hype sells and Apple does hype and advertising better than anyone else.

    I think he just singlehandedly solved the housing crisis by showing that it's perfectly acceptable to setup camp wherever you feel is right :)

    All a homeless person needs to say now is that they're camping on the sidewalk in anticipation of the next iPhone.

      Or the iPhone 8

      You raise an interesting point, why arent the police asking him to move along?

        The feedback I have been given from the council, the police and the homeless, is that no one minds as long as you are tidy, not offensive and don't block pedestrians.

        I am sure they would move me alone if I was causing issues though!

    I dont get the whole android vs IOS thing, I use both. What I dont get however is the large number of idiots lining up for days in advance to get their new phone on launch day. Me I'd rather just wait a few more days and head down to my local mall

    Just a head up though, I had a friend line up at the Sydney store when the iPhone 5 came out and he was behind about 20 journalists/re-sellers.

    Just before opening the staff came out and asked each person in the line if they were buying the phone for their own use or commercial purposes. As my friend was the first in the line buying it purely for himself, they pulled him out of the line, ahead of everyone else essentially making all of the journalists' wait pointless as he was the "first".

    I'm stoked that he's out there raising money for charity and that will hopefully ensure that he's first in line but I thought I'd play Devils' advocate

      I have chatted to the Apple store team about this exact sort of thing so we can do it in a way that works for both of us.

      The media attention so far has loved the auctioning off for charity part - and I plan to have an auction that ends as it goes on sale. So there hopefully will be a bit of hype for it.

      It would be an interesting move to deny the charity though! Though it would prob help the charity, as it in itself would get more coverage.

    What's it like for you on an average business day???

    It can get rough just walking along George St without getting bruises some days.....

      It's pretty busy, but there are quieter times.

      I am 6' 7" though, so stand out!

      There is a 1cm step in the sidewalk in front of me - about a million people trip on it slightly each day.

    I can't afford to donate right now but let me know the rough times you need a break and i could try and come out to look after the chair for a while for you :)

      Thanks mate :) If you use the contact page on the website or send me a message via Facebook, I will take you up on that!

    MIght want to put a mention about Mission Australia on his sign. Only looks like a commercial undertaking at this point.

      That is the plan - just takes a little while to clear such things with the relevant legal teams ;)

      Sign 2.0 is in the works!

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