Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Australian Price And Release Date

Samsung's big, beautiful Galaxy Tab S2 is just about the most gorgeous Android tablet on the market, competing with Sony's equally lovely Xperia Z4 Tablet. Here's when it'll be out in Australia, and how much it'll cost.

Samsung's previous Galaxy Tab S was built around a stunningly thin design and incredibly detailed Super AMOLED display, and that trend continues with the Tab S2. New octa-core processors and a larger battery promise at least 14 hours of battery life from a full charge for the 8-inch and 12 hours for the 9.7-inch, and longer battery life is possible through power saving modes. The metallic rear casing of the tablet is much cleaner than the previous quilted-design Tab S.

4G support is also built into the SIM-enabled variants, supporting real-world download speeds of up to 200Mbps on compatible networks. Two colours will be available, and all the major telcos and big-box tablets will be carrying the new tablets. In Australia, we'll be getting the SM-T815Y and SM-T810Y models for LTE/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-only respectively.

Both the 8- and 9.7-inch tablets will be available in Australia from next Tuesday, September 15th; they'll be out for $499 and $599 starting prices respectively, although LTE mobile connectivity drives up the price — the 8-inch Tab S2 with LTE is $649 and the 9.7-inch is $749. We'll share our initial hands-on experiences of the new tablets very soon, so stay tuned. [Samsung]

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