Play Apple Launch Event Bingo With Gizmodo!

Here's where we take completely random guesses at what Apple will announce at 3AM tomorrow morning. Here's where we convince ourselves that we know all about the new iPad Pro and the iPhone 6S and the new Apple TV. Here's where we turn it into a game.

Heavily, shamelessly, completely inspired by the Apple Keynote bingo that pops up every year during the Worldwide Developers Conference, but with a lot less info on hand — but a lot more speculation — to fill the bingo card with, I've used my peerless Microsoft Paint skills to create this masterpiece:

We've made up some simple Apple bingo rules on the spot: you have a five-by-five grid here, and you have to get five in a row to win. Diagonally or horizontally or vertically, it doesn't matter — as long as you get five in a row, chances are Apple will have done something magical. Or Jony Ive will show up. Or someone will make fun of Windows.

First one to comment with a successful sweep wins a whole bunch of internet points. Feel free to download it here and print it off. Find a highlighter or something, I don't know, and draw all over it when you get bored or when the keynote starts being about new faces for the Apple Watch. Let us know how you go! [Apple]

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