Nostalgia-rific! The Best Of The 90s On Stan

Break out the Doc Martens — you can take now take a trip back to the best decade of them all, the 90's, anytime, anywhere on Stan.

Here's 10 of the most defining TV shows and movies of the grunge era, for your viewing pleasure.

1. Frontline

Frontline came from Working Dog, the comedy geniuses behind The D Generation, The Late Show and The Castle. It’s a satire of current affairs news reporting that is frighteningly relevant.

2. Will and Grace

16 Emmys and praise from Joe Biden on the treatment of LGBT issues, Will and Grace was a staple of the sitcom genre in the late nineties into the 2000s. Most of us will never forget Karen (Megan Mullaly’s) squeal.

3. Oz

The first one hour drama series that was produced by HBO, it’s dark and often brutal viewing and acted as a forefather for some of your favourite HBO shows.

4. Terminator 2

Arnie’s finest hour. If you’ve not seen Terminator 2 you should fix that as soon as possible.

5. Kurt and Courtney

A fascinating doco that investigates the circumstances surrounding Cobain’s death. Love refused to license any of Nirvana’s music and threatened to sue Sundance if they played it at the festival. Compelling stuff.

6. The Nanny

Nanny Fine, Mr Sheffield and co. were staples of 90s TV. Going back to it is nostalgia filled and it’s worth keeping an eye out for a very young Madeline Zima who went on to star in Californiacation, Heroes and Betas.

7. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

The catch phrase filled, cameo laden James Bond spoof was a box office smash and pop culture phenomenon that even grabbed an Oscar and Grammy nomination.

8. Freaks and Geeks

Judd Apatow, Paul Feig, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Fanco, Martin Starr, Busy Phillips. That’s a pretty impressive list no matter how you look at it. Deserved more than the one season it got.

9. Dawson’s Creek

One of the defining series of the nineties, Dawson’s Creek shaped teenage culture across its five season run, launching the careers of its young cast, a meme that is arguably as famous and introducing American television to its first gay kiss.

10. Tank Girl

Put this firmly in the so bad it’s great category. Tank Girl is a cult favourite in the truest sense of the word. Keep an eye out for a young Naomi Watts and Ice-T with some fantastic SFX makeup.


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