John McAfee’s Mysterious ‘Advisors’ Want Him To Run For President

John McAfee’s Mysterious ‘Advisors’ Want Him To Run For President

One-time security expert and full-time fun guy John McAfee has an announcement to make: “My advisors are pressing me to run.” For president. Of the United States of America. This year.

Or at the very least, John McAfee is thinking about running for the nation’s office because he’s received “many thousands of emails saying please run for President.” The bath salts enthusiast says he’ll make an official announcement in a couple of days, either way, and if he doesn’t make his own bid, he plans on supporting another candidate who shares his ideas. According to Wired, however, McAfee “won’t name his advisors or his prospects for stand-ins.”

Pretty weird, huh? The presidential race gets weirder with every passing day, and the vomit parade that is Donald Trump is ensuring that 2016 will go down in history as one of the weirdest elections of all time. Quite frankly, it would be a nice counterpoint to add a candidate with zero experience who was also once wanted for questioning about a grisly murder in Brazil.

It’s now apparent that John McAfee’s a stop to mass surveillance, cut down on destructive hacks, and boost our nation’s information security. He’s also a guy who made millions by selling pretty crumby anti-virus software, so he doesn’t know his way around a computer.

Let’s admit it, though: Just like his would-be opponent Larry Lessig, McAfee just wants attention, and running for president is a productive way to get it. Or at least it’s more productive than playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun for a photo shoot.


Image via AP