Install Glextor For Full Control Over Your Android Apps

Install Glextor for Full Control Over Your Android Apps

Glextor is an Android app manager that gives you full control over the way apps appear on your device: split them into categories and folders, highlight your favourites, find important apps quickly, tailor the app drawer interface and more.

There are both free and paid-for versions of the app to choose from. The premium edition adds a few extra features, including support for subfolders, automatic app backup updates, an unlimited number of hidden apps and of course, no ads.

Install Glextor for Full Control Over Your Android Apps

One of the first tricks to try is to tap the magic wand icon in the toolbar — this automatically categorizes your apps based on their Google Play listings. There's also a "most used" panel at the top which fills up over time as Glextor learns which apps are most useful to you (or just most addictive).

A long press on an app icon brings up a context menu: Uninstall, hide, rename and move options all become available, and you can quickly move apps between groups or even change the icons used to represent them in the app drawer. Tap Manage to find the standard uninstall and clear cache options inside Android Settings.

Install Glextor for Full Control Over Your Android Apps

Category headings also respond to a long press, allowing you to customise them as you see fit (with your own labels or icons). It's also possible to create home screen shortcuts for any category — if you want larger shortcuts, head into the Android widgets panel and use the ones Glextor provides. You can have your most used apps on the front screen of your phone, for example.

The app manages to add a ton of functionality without destroying the Android aesthetic. It also comes with the option to create your own repository of app downloads and backups, so you can reinstall apps or go back to previous versions without having to rely on Google Play.

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