Hot Wheels Also Has Some Great Star Wars Vehicles That Don’t Roll

In addition to a line of character cars that sees Star Wars characters mashed up with hot rods, trucks, and convertibles, Hot Wheels also has a line of tiny but wonderfully detailed spaceships including everything from Poe’s new X-Wing to a gold-plated version of Fett’s Slave I.

And for the imaginationally-challenged Hot Wheels is even introducing a new accessory called the Flight Navigator that’s a handheld joystick you can attach any of the ships to. It features a handful of button-triggered sound effects that can be changed depending on if your ship is ‘bad’ or ‘good’. There doesn’t seem to be a neutral option, but would that ship actually make any noises? [Hot Wheels]

Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships

SRP: $US4.99 | Age: 4+ | Available: Sept 4th

– Launch into hyperdrive with an impressive collection 10 of the most iconic starship vehicles from Star WarsTM, specially made with Hot Wheels® die-cast.

– Slip on the Flight NavigatorTM, raise your hand and send your ship “flying” across the room — just like in hyperspace!

– The Flight NavigatorTM also doubles as a display stand to show off a collection.

Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Tie Fighter vs. Millennium Falcon

Hot Wheels Star Wars Flight Controller

Price: $US19.99 | Age: 4+ Years | Availability: Sept 4th Product Description:

– The Hot Wheels® Star WarsTM Flight ControllerTM gives kids the ability to operate the ultimate “flying” experience.

– Holding a squadron of up to three ships that can fly in formation, kids can imagine they’re zooming right through hyperspace.

– Flight ControllerTM lets you switch between different lights and two sets of authentic battle sounds representing both “good” and “evil” starships.

Hot Wheels Star Wars Starship Trackset

SRP: $US14.99 | Age: 4+ Years | Available: Sept 4th

– Play out iconic battles between the Light and Dark Sides of the force with thrilling playsets that test skills and timing.

– Recreate favourite storylines with an included Hot Wheels® Star WarsTM Starship.

Hot Wheels Star Wars Escape from Jakku Starship Playset

    SRP: $US49.99 | Age: 5+ Years | Available: Sept 4th

    – Recreate the high-flying, launching and blasting starship action from one of the most exciting scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    – Play as the Light Side or the Dark Side and take out the enemy with motorised action on the 360 loop.

    – Press the controller to pilot the ship and activate battle sounds.

    – Comes with one die-cast Millenium Falcon Starship and Three Tie FighterTM targets.