Homeland Is About To Become Your New Favourite Techno-Thriller

Homeland is a show that evolves with the fears of the Western World. Now the Emmy award-winning show is turning its eye toward the technological terrors of global hacking rings, and it looks amazing.

Every season of Homeland has had a thread that connects very well to what we're scared of at the time. When the show first came to screens, it spent a few seasons talking about home-grown, lone-wolf terrorists. In the next season, foreign incursions and fallen heroes were high on the agenda, followed by a season about drone killings. Now it's time for the fifth season, and the show is gearing up to tackle techno-terror and data breaches.

In the trailer for the fifth season of Homeland, we're shown that Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) has left the CIA to pursue a role in private security. However, she can't stay out for long: a data breach at the CIA's Berlin station drags her straight back into the mix as her former colleagues hunt down the German hackers who breached their digital door.

Given that the US was just accused of hacking the data of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Homeland's techno-tastic premise doesn't stray too far from reality.

What follows is covert assassinations, political protests and the fight between public, private and covert interests.

It looks like one of the most honest takes on the intersection between espionage and technology in a long, long time, and I for one am really looking forward to the new season.

Homeland returns to screens in October.

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