Hilarious Japanese Superhero Uses A Camera Flash To Defeat Bad Guys

Superheroes come with a variety of powers and abilities — some better than others. The protagonist of "The Last Sentoshi" may have drawn the short straw, being armed with a camera flash affixed to a (admittedly lovely) stave, but it in no way diminishes her ability to defeat the forces of evil.

The creation of director Irwin Wong, The Last Sentoshi (which translates to "Flash Warrior", according to the video description) is a sub-30 minute short film that follows flash-wielding superhero Akira, as she overcomes a demonic figure that's chasing after something called the "AIR".

The production was filmed on a number of Sony A7s and Atomos Shogun 4Ks, with the help of Nissin Digital Japan.

I guess the question is how does one combat evil with a camera flash? Well, the red eye reduction is surprisingly effective on demons. Who knew?

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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