Here's The World's First iPhone 6s Teardown

Still waiting in line (or waiting online) for your new iPhone? Well, The Aussie guys at iExperts have already torn both to bits to examine the brand new hardware within.

iExperts is calling it the world's first iPhone 6s teardown, and since we're among the first in the world, that's probably true.

The superseded iPhone 6 and 6 Plus had the following common issues:

  • Bendgate – The housing bent very easily
  • Mute Switch activation issues – A weak switch led to difficulties putting the iPhone into silent mode
  • Front Camera foam – The dust prevention foam ring on the front camera shifted into view, causing the front camera to look out of alignment
  • Screen Breakage – We’ve replaced thousands of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens. Some customers claim they only dropped it from a low height.

Let’s see if Apple have addressed these issues in this facelift generation!

There's a lot of close-up chip-and-silicon porn in the iExperts teardown, so steel yourself if you're not already a hardcore nerd. It is, though, our first look at Apple's brand new A9 desktop-grade processor inside the 6s. We're still waiting for the fancier, brighter, prettier iFixit teardown, but this will certainly do for now. [iExperts]

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