GoPro Just Made It Way Easier To Share Your Epic Moments

If you do something rad, but you don’t share a video of it instantly on at least three social media channels, it probably didn’t happen. Thankfully, the world’s leading purveyor of radness-capturing cameras has just made the whole process a lot easier.

In an update to the GoPro smartphone app, and the GoPro camera firmware, the company has added the option to create 5-second, 15-second or 30-second video clips to highlight your best moment, and then share that instantly to start harvesting those retweets.

For the latest crop of GoPro cameras with screens, you can actually do all the editing on the camera — select your clip, highlight it, and the file gets saved straight to the memory card, alongside the full-length video.

For anyone using the GoPro app to talk to their camera over Wi-Fi, things are even more idiot-proof: You can do the same thing, but the video clip is saved to your phone, ready for social media-ing.

It all sounds a little dumb, but being able to get highlights off your camera and onto something with a good screen is actually more useful than you think. Most recent stills cameras have Wi-Fi built in for this reason, and I’ve spent dozens of car rides home flipping through the day’s photos on my phone, without having to pull a laptop out.

To get trimming and sharing, you need to download the latest version of the GoPro iOS or Android app, and update your camera’s firmware to the latest version from the website.