Google ‘Fun Facts’ Right Now For A Random Fun Fact

Google ‘Fun Facts’ Right Now For A Random Fun Fact

Bored? Type the phrase “fun facts” into a Google search. I bet you’ll never guess what Google delivers. That’s right! A random fun fact!

The coolest part? Google not only gives you the bite-sized fun fact, it provides a link to where the fact came from. Sometimes when I learn a new fun fact I really want to know more. And that’s precisely what’s wrong with all those Twitter accounts like [cough] UberFacts [cough] that are so often filled with inaccuracies. Even when they’re half-right they’re not giving context for the fact that often makes it even more interesting.

Granted, my first few attempts at Googling “fun facts” weren’t the most profound things I’ve ever read. But like everything Google produces, I’m sure it will soon be so customised as to be scary — like the exact date of my imminent death or something.

Fun fact: That asteroid is heading right for us!

[h/t Search Engine Land]