Go Complete XKCD's Random Quiz In The Name Of Arbitrary Science

Go Complete XKCD's Random Quiz in the Name of Arbitrary Science

Most surveys are written with the intent of finding something out. The XKCD survey, written by stick-cartoonist extraordinaire Randall Munroe, doesn't have an end game — it's just trying to collect random information from as many people as possible, and then find unlikely correlations.

It's about 10 minutes long, filled with the weirdest sort of questions you're ever likely to find on a Google Doc: whether or not you've ever run out of petrol in your car, if you eat condiments out of the fridge as a snack, and if you like emoji (I'm really hoping those last two are related).

Given Monroe's previous masterpieces, I'm incredibly excited to see what he produces, once we've all filled out our (hopefully serious) responses.


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