Firefox's Creator Just Published A Script For His Own Silicon Valley Episode

Writing scripts for a popular TV show sounds like a dream job for any budding Hollywood hopeful. The hard part is getting someone to read what you put to paper. Of course, if you happen to be Blake Ross, co-founder of a little browser called Firefox, it gets a whole lot easier, particularly if that script happens to be for HBO's Silicon Valley. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Apparently Ross couldn't wait for the third season to roll around and went to work on his own screenplay. The result can be found on his website in PDF form. Rather than existing in a bubble, the script has a stab at addressing the events of the second season finale, where Richard Hendricks found himself dethroned from the head of his own company, Pied Piper.

Probably the most interesting aspect of Ross' script is where the remaining employees of the company discuss what to do with Pied Piper's "proprietary" compression code. What follows is a neat discussion on open sourcing it all — a topic Ross is rather familiar with.

He doesn't take the subject too seriously, obviously, with a certain amount of fun poked at the various licenses one can choose to distribute under:

"Tofu License. Cannot be used in connection with the development and manufacture of products that involve animal testing."

The script lacks some punch — you're reading it in your head, rather than watching it be performed — but if you're desperate for some more Silicon Valley, this might help fill the hole.

[Blake Ross, via TechCrunch]

Photo: HBO

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