Down With Rose Gold. What Should Apple’s Next Phone Colour Be?

Rose gold, rose schmold.

The frenzy over Apple’s ingenious marketing of a pink phone (not their first!) as “rose gold” has reached a fever-pitch. The New Yorker devotes 1000 words to a history of the metal alloy, and its implications for our “rose-gilded age.” “The Semiotics of Rose Gold” is currently #1 on the magazine’s website, natch.

Since we can’t seem to get enough of this marketing homerun for the colour pink, let’s help Apple out by throwing out some suggestions for its next rainbow rebranding.

Here, I’ll go first:

  • Copper In The Rain (Green)
  • Black Gold (Black)
  • Freshwater Pearl (Don’t Call It White)
  • Wine-Dark Sea (Red)
  • Sparkling Champagne (Yellow With Glitter)
  • Minion (Yellow)

Now it’s your turn. What should Apple’s next shade of phone be called?

(Seriously, though, will you buy a rose gold phone?)