China's New Vertigo-Inducing Glass Bridge Is Both Great And Impractical

If you're looking for something to do in China, you should definitely check out the pyramids at Xian. However, if you decide to do two things (or more), the newly constructed glass bridge in Hunan is worth a look... and a walk.

According to Shanghaiist's Alex Linder, the bridge is located inside Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, spans 300m and rests 180m above the ground. It's not that daunting to gaze upon if you're parallel to the glass, but get the right angle on it, and it's somewhat more terrifying.

Unless heights don't do much for you.

Anyway, the plates that make up the bridge's construction are 24mm thick and reportedly "25 times stronger" than the normal stuff they use in your windows. So you're quite safe, I'm sure.

[Shanghaiist, via Geekologie]

Photos: Sina / CPF

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