Canon's New 250-Megapixel Camera Sensor Is Wonderfully Excessive

Canon's New 250-Megapixel Camera Sensor is Wonderfully Excessive

Who said the megapixel war is over?

Sure, the headline-grabbing number on most modern-day cameras tends to be ISO. But for more specialised applications — say, reading the serial number on an aeroplane from 17km away — a high megapixel count is still useful.

So, to that end, Canon has made a new 250-megapixel APS-H sensor. APS-H is just a little bigger than the APS-C common in consumer DSLRs, and actually smaller than the full-frame sensors in professional cameras. In other words: fitting 250 megapixels into that space is just plain nuts.

There are some potential uses apart from long-distance plane spotting, though. 250 megapixels means that theoretically, you could crop a video 125 times, and still have Full HD footage. Of course, image quality depends on far more than just megapixel count — but on a purely technological level at least, let's give Canon a round of applause.

[Canon via The Verge]

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