Can You Solve This Classic Riddle About Crossing A Bridge?

Can you solve this classic riddle about crossing a bridge?

Riddles can be fun, but they can also be really stressful when you start to feel your decently wrinkled brain shrivel into a prune. But hey! Tease the brain and the satisfaction of solving it outweighs the unnecessary stress added to your life, right? Right! Here's the classic bridge riddle in animated form from Ted-Ed. How can you get a group of people across a bridge in a certain amount of time?

The set up is this: There are four people who need to get to the other side of the bridge, each with their own time needed to get across said bridge. Even worse, the bridge can only support two of them for each trip (and the person with the longer time is counted when travelling in the pair). Oh and it's like dark and there is only one torch, so a person who has crossed the bridge has to come back for a return trip in order to lead another person across once again. See? Riddles are "fun".

Person A can get across in one minute, Person B does it in two minutes, Person C crosses in five, and slowpoke sloth human needs 10 minutes. You need to get everybody to the other side in under 17 minutes. How do you do it? Watch the video to find out. Or search your quickly pruning brain for memories on how to do this when it was like a HSC question or something.

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