Australia Won't Get The Super Blood Moon Eclipse, But You Can Still Watch It Live Right Now

Here's NASA's Animated Supermoon Eclipse Primer

Today people in North and South America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia and Pacific will witness a rare event, not to be seen again until 2033. This is the so-called 'Super Blood Moon', a phenomenon where the moon appears much larger than it normally does, and also acquires an eerie red-orange tint. Unfortunately Australia misses out on this astronomical event, but thanks to the wonders of live streaming you can still catch all the action from halfway across the world.

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While Australia won't get either the eclipse or the red tinge, the moon will still be at perigee — the part of its orbit that brings it closest to Earth — tonight in Australia. While we wait for the sun to go down here, we can still catch North America's moon thanks to a number of live streams, with or without commentary.

NASA is also hosting a live stream, where you can hear commentary on the event by people who know much more about astronomy than you or I ever will.

For those who aren't able to watch video right now you can still check out the #SuperBloodMoon hashtag on Twitter, where users are sharing their own photos and joining in on the conversation.

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