Aussie Zombie Movie Wyrmwood Is Getting Its Own IRL Horror Maze

Wyrmwood was a cult hit when it was released last year, with its unique blend of Aussie scenery, ocker humour and zombie blood-and-guts drawing a lot of attention online. Unfortunately, a lot of that online attention was from pirates and illegitimate downloaders; it got to the point that Wyrmwood's creators were pleading with pirates to stop sharing the movie. After a significant groundswell of community support and crowd-sourced cinema showings through FanForce, Wyrmwood made its mark — and now it's being turned into a horror maze.

As part of Fright Nights at Warner Bros Movie World up on Queensland's Gold Coast, the Wyrmwood-themed maze is the second of four to be announced; the first is a Friday The 13th Part XII one. Tickets to Fright Night start at $32, and the event runs across Friday and Saturday nights during October. As well as the mazes, there are a bunch of different horror precincts, panic rooms that force you to escape in 20 minutes or less, and a Halloween short film festival.

It's a relatively small part of a minor event at an Australian theme park, but it's nonetheless genuinely gratifying to see Wyrmwood get the success and recognition that it deserves. It's one of the more interesting filmmaking stories to come out of Australia in the last couple of years, alongside other crowd-funded and crowd-supported films like The Tunnel — so congratulations to everyone behind it. Here's hoping that it continues to enjoy a bit more time in the spotlight and that we get some more great homegrown horror flicks.

FRIGHT NIGHTS NEXT MAZE ANNOUNCEMENT: Wyrmwood!You are the hunter who becomes the hunted in the new maze that unleashes...

Posted by The Theme Park Social Network on Monday, 7 September 2015    Hunters become the hunted as the Wyrmwood Maze unleashes a zombie apocalypse of epic proportions into the Australian bushland.

[Warner Bros Movie World]

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