Apple Joins With Hermès For A Watch Collection You Can’t Afford

Apple Joins With Hermès For A Watch Collection You Can’t Afford

With news of an OS update on the horizon for Apple Watch, Apple has also announced a far more couture update for their line of smartwatches at their iPhone event overnight. Thanks to a partnership with French fashion icon Hermès, Apple will be releasing the Apple Watch Hermès collection: a series of exclusive designs featuring hand crafted leather bands and exclusive dial designs inspired by classic Hermès watches.

The Apple Watch Hermès comes in three different styles with corresponding price points, depending on how much leather you like wrapped around your wrist. Let the exclusively designed watch face shine with the minimalistic Single Tour, featuring a single band of your choice of fauve Barenia leather, noir box leather or capucine Swift leather. The Single Tour comes in the cheapest of the collection at $1700.

The Double Tour features a double wrapped leather band in classic Hermès style. The same colours are available as on the Single Tour, with the additional options of ‘bleu jean’, a turquoise-looking blue, and ‘etain’, a gunmetal grey. The Double Tour is just a little more pricey than the single at $1780.

The last option is the Cuff, featuring a wide leather cuff (unsurprisingly) with the Apple Watch embedded in the centre. The Cuff doesn’t have as many colour options however: this one is only available in fauve Barenia leather. It will, however, set you back a whopping $2350.

Apple Watch Hermès will be available from October 5 in Australia. I can already feel my wallet hurting.

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