A Remote Control Walking AT-AT Is The Perfect Zero-Maintenance Pet

Who wants to be bothered walking a dog, changing a cat’s kitty litter, or cleaning a fish tank when all this remote control walking AT-AT needs is an occasional new set of nine batteries? It’s the perfect pet, and is guaranteed to never go crazy during a thunderstorm.

At $US130 it isn’t quite as cheap as rescuing a stray from your local animal shelter, but does a kitten have authentic Star Wars sound effects and light-up features in its head? Obviously not.

And when you call a puppy’s name, there’s a really good chance it’s not going to come running to you. But when you push the joystick’s on this AT-AT’s included wireless remote, it will obey your commands every time.

It also comes house-trained right out of the box. So why would you ever opt for a German Shepherd? [Toys “R” Us]