4 Filtered Photos That Will Cure Your Instagram Rut

4 Filtered Photos That Will Cure Your Instagram Rut

Instagram filters really do make bad photos look better, but there’s more to the world of photography than Hudson and Lark. Here are four novel, filtered photos you submitted for this week’s Shooting Challenge. The results? Surprisingly tasteful.

Winner: Ocean Moonrise

I shot this photo Labour Day weekend as the moon rose over the Atlantic Ocean along Assateague Island in Maryland. The original photo is very dark, so I looked for a filter that would take advantage of this. I ended up using the “underpainting 1” filter on the BeFunky.com photo editor site, which gave a bright, artistic effect. Canon G7X, f/2.8, 60 second exposure, ISO-125. Post process with BeFunky.

S Wootten

The Triangufyer

Before I knew anything about this contest I coded a filter that applies those random triangles to typograpy-art. It was used to style up some text-wallpapers, but as I read about this contest, I knew that I had to apply this filter to a photo – and the result was as you see: awful… [ed note: I kinda like it!]

Fabian Bosshard

Orange & Blue

No caption given.

Nancy Williams

Surprisingly Tasteful

The base image was captured along the coast at the beach on a late summer day with a Nokia Lumia 635. The image was put through the Burn filter at Pixlr.com, as well as a frame. I put the image though a bunch of filters, and while I was initially going for the worst one, but I ended up liking this one, and decided to go with it. A frame was added as well.

Jonas Demuro

These were great! I repicked the winner several times…even though there were just four entries. But picking between different filters is like choosing between impressionism and expressionism. Who should judge?