YouTube's Finally Getting Rid Of Its Unnerving 301+ View Count 

YouTube's Finally Getting Rid of Its Unnerving 301+ View Count

In a tweet, YouTube has made it known that you'll no longer see the odd "301+" page view count on videos. It's the end of an era.

As we've reported before, YouTube displays the 301+ view count when a new video is acquiring views very quickly. As the image in the tweet embedded below illustrates, it's a way of ensuring that a new video wasn't getting bombarded by spam robots. After the views are verified as legit, the view count is updated a few hours later.

Now, YouTube will count views it knows for sure are legit in real time, so the view count will continue to climb without stalling at 301+ view counts any longer. Only views it can't verify immediately will be stalled until later.

Just wait, one day we'll be nostalgic for the uncertainty of the 301+ pageview count.

Cartoon: XKCD

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