This Scale Replica Mine-Clearing M4 Sherman Tank Is Made From LEGO

Built by LEGO enthusiast Tommy Styrvoky, this remote-controlled M4 Sherman Crab required two months of work to complete and comes in at 1/18th the size of the real deal. There's a lot more to it than its mostly featureless grey exterior would have you believe — under the hood are seven motors powering everything from the moving turret (including elevation) to its electronic clutch and braking system.

The crowning achievement of course is the mine "flail" — a spinning shaft with plastic LEGO chains, designed to trigger mines safely (well, as safely as one can by smacking them). It might not blow up any actual munitions, but I'm sure if LEGO comes out with working explosives, this baby will be on the front line.

As for its real-world efficiacy... I reckon the LEGO tank could probably clear at least one mine, with subsequent sweeping subject to how quickly you can reassemble the thing.

You can check out more photos over at Eurobricks or Styrvoky's Flickr page.

[Eurobricks, via Nerd Approved]

Photo and video: Tommy Styrvoky

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