The Machines On This YouTube Channel Are Freaking Colossal

Videos: Construction equipment is cool as a rule. Comically-large construction equipment? So much better. Get your fix with these YouTube channels devoted these insane machines.

Awesome Earthmovers is a 25,000-subscriber strong channel that’s filled with home-made videos of warehouse-sized dump trucks, bulldozer porn, big cranes and excavators badly playing basketball.

Here are some other clips that will make you remember how cool construction equipment can be.

Getting up close and personal with a huge dump truck from Komatsu:

This Japanese excavator with dual booms is designed to rescue earthquake victims, the channel says.

LeTourneau’s slow-moving wheel loader is a gargantuan toy come to life:

Icy waters don’t scare off this excavator.

And yes, more big-arse dump trucks.

Finally, there’s something weirdly orchestral about this heavy equipment demo: