The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Dumped A Lot More Data [Updated]

The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Dumped A Lot More Data [Updated]

The fun never stops with the Ashley Madison hack. The hackers who released 10GB of compressed data a couple of days ago just released another 20GB of data, including what appears to be the email inbox of the company’s CEO.

The so-called Impact Team hacker group released the new torrent of data in an update to the original page on the dark web that hosted the first data dump. With a cheeky note to Avid Live Media (Ashley Madison parent company) CEO Noel Biderman, the hackers signed the data with the same PGP signature as the first data dump, reports Motherboard. Since that data dump appears to be legit, we can assume that the new dump is as well.

The new dump appears to include more internal Ashley Madison data, like files possibly related to the website’s design, development and product teams:

All that said, not until we’ve gotten the chance to dig through the new data and verify it with experts can we say 100 per cent for sure whether the hackers are messing with us or actually do have that much more data. The big question though: Just how much data do they have in total? Stay tuned.

Update: Multiple sources are reporting that some of the data in the second Ashley Madison dump is corrupted.

We’ve also been unable to open the file. It’s possible that the file was corrupted during the archiving process.